IPsec Net-2-Net setup troubles

Hello forum members,

I’m trying to connect two ipfires with a IPsec N2N tunnel. According to the Wiki it shouldn’t be a big deal to get a working connection within a short time. I spent several hours and can’t get it to work.
I’d like to use certificate-based authentication and I’m following the instructions in these two Wiki articles:
Global configuration (sorry for the missing link but as a “new” member I’m only allowed to put two links into my first article)

I ran into troubles when it came to import the CA certificates on each of my ipfires, an error message “not a valid CA certificate” popped up. After some time I found out that this could be a bug in Core 158/159, which is being described here:

After reading the article I understand that I have to export the CA certificate over a SFTP-connection, which worked very well.
But now I stuck at the next step when it comes to import the host ceritficates. Depending on which filename I choose for the uploaded certificate, there are different error messages.
Using hostcert.pem (as the default exported certificate name is):
Error Message is "Certificate file move failed: No such file or directory "
Using another filename, e.g. myhost.pem:
Error Message is “Certificate file move failed: No child processes”

I can’t figure out what is wrong here, because I don’t have a clue where I can look into to get further information about this issue - or at least I didn’t find the correct error log for this.

Any help would be very appreciated, thank you in advance.


Hello R.,

yes I can confirm this. I ran into this myself yesterday.

I have also developed two ad-hoc fixes: git.ipfire.org Git - people/ms/ipfire-2.x.git/shortlog

Do you know how to replace vpnmain.cgi?

@stevee is working on upstreaming these fixes as soon as possible.

In the meantime you could use a PSK VPN which works just fine.

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Hello Michael,
thanks for your help!
Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Perl, but I think I’m able to replace a Perl script :slight_smile:
my plan:

  1. get vpnmain.cgi from repository using wget
  2. replace vpmain.cgi locally
  3. modify permissions of the file

Is this the correct procedure?

I was using a PSK before, but it’s more sophisticated using certificates instead, isn’t it?
It’s also nice to know that a fix is already on it’s way. Great, thank you guys! :smiley:

Which URL points to the fixed vpnmain.cgi? Or do I have to patch it on my own?


Hello Michael,

I managed to replace vpnmain.cgi - your fix is working (of course), thank you so much!
Something is still wrong in my VPN configuration and I have to look into it once more.


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Yes it is.

Between IPFire to IPFire is prefer certificates because it is easy and more secure. With other vendors, it might be tricky to generate and import the certificates. I would assume that the majority of VPNs created with IPFire will be using PSKs.

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