IPSec Configuration

Hi there,

just a quick question for help. Could you please tell me how to realise the configuration shown in the picture on a ipfire?

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Enable ipsec, and add the config as per the link below.

you would need to use passphrase or keys depending on that you use at the other end.


I suggest @focmin93 to not use 3DES as cypher.


Ok thanks for your anwers. But I didn’t managed it.
Does anybody have a howto to connect a ipfire with an Sonicwall?


Have you the chance to change settings on SonicWall?


Yes it would be possible.

Try an IKEv1 setup. AES 128 bit, SHA1, DH2.
Double check always on both side the correspondence of the parameters.

Hi Pike,

thanks for you hint this works fine.
But does anyone know why the other configurations doesn’t work?

I think this is the lowest configuration. If possible I would like to make it more safe.

Its because some products use different 3DES encryptions. 3DES is not full standardized. This is also stated in the last paragraph of the already linked wiki page:

Also 3DES and SHA1 are also known to be broken/weak and should not used anymore.

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You can “roll back” to previous configuration and go through the logs.