IPS preventing some dns queries to succeed

Hello everyone, i was investigating some problem with dns queries timeout, only for some domains (discord-com for instance), so i went to url filtering and ips and apart from the hanging ips wui update screen, following the tip deleting the lock file in tmp folder, i’ve noticed that switching ips off allowed those queries to succeed, switching it on prevents those queries after some minutes… i’m not an it expert… how can this be?


Welcome to the community !

Ips block that site (discord) by default, read the following article to find out why.

Malicious payload

You can see which rule triggered the block in the ips logs.


Thanks i was pretty sure that i had ips on already when everything was working, but maybe i wasn’t right.

Welcome, maybe a scan for malware/virus on your client(s) side would be a good thing to do if you’re unsure that ips was running.