Ipfire3 vmdk with vmware workstation 17

I’ve searched the forums and read the wiki, but I still cant find anything that would lead me to understand why I cant get the the image to fire up in workstation 17. anyone have some hints at what I might need to do to load it.

Are you saying you have IPFire Linux image from another virtual system as a VMDK file and want to import it into VMWare Workstation 17?

Did you get any error? What?

Checked this? VMware Knowledge Base

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The IPFire3 images are from around 4 years ago. I don’t believe those were ever working images.

The images have not been updated because the status of IPFire3 has moved forward significantly but doing a full build of IPFire3 does not yet result in a working system.

You can see the commits that are being done in the IPFire3 git repo


but you will need to still wait for a while for something that could start being tested as a beta release.