IPFire Wish List

This is a request to improve IPFire by adding some means of logging OR identifying DNS server request to the Connection Listing. Why ? Because DNs is confusing…
!) IPFire has settings for DNS servers.
2) My PCs on the green wire use VPNs that have their DNS servers.
3) FireFox has settings for DNS servers.
4) IPfire has DNS forwarding servers.
So when a user on a Green Wire PC makes a DNS request, which DNS server is actually referenced.
Some means of knowing what is being used is needed to properly determine DNS lookup woes.
Please consider adding some means of tracking DNS TCP IP server lookups…Thanks.

Hi Gary,

Not a bad Wish request
I have a similar issue, I constantly see Firewall logging that something is going to a different DNS server that it supposed to.

Logs-FW Loggraphs (Port)
Port 53

I am curious what DNS settings for Firefox do you know about?

Trish, sent reply via private mail, advise if you did not receive and will update here.

Hi Gary, @gh4light I did not receive a Direct Message. I will try to send you one too just in case

Trisch …
Firefox/preferences/ bottom of general page is Network Settings.
Bottom of that popup window is choice for HTTPS settings, Cloudfare/NextDNS/ or Custom.
I suspect NextDNS is a subset of Cloudfare,
Custom is your choice of numbers.

Thank you Gary @gh4light ,
I see it now “DNS over HTTPS”

I think if you check this choice, it will bypass IPFire’s logs because it will be encrypted traffic. I forgot why but lot’s of people were upset about this feature.