IPFIRE / Vodafone / Bridge Mode

Hello everybody,
I’ve had an ipfire for about 4 months, previously an ipcop. The whole thing runs on a QOTOM Mini PC Q190G4 with 4 LAN port Intel Celeron J1900 2 GHz to 2.41 GHz Pfsense as router firewall Quad Core 2 GHz 4G RAM 32G SSD.
For DSL connection. It is a Vodafone connection with 1Gbit / s before the ipfire a modem is in bridge mode.
First problem. If I restart the ipfire that hangs when shutting down, someone has an idea what I can do. Unfortunately, I cannot find a bios update for the device.

Second problem. If the modem gets an update or I restart it by hand, the ipfire will not reconnect. It stays connected when we are connected. What can you do here.
It is set to DHCP because it receives a public IP from the modem. I hope with who can help. Thank you

Hello Thomas,

which Version of Ipfire do you use? and which dns servers do you use for red? Maybe have a look at Core 141 which is in Testing.

Hello and thanks for the quick reply.
I use the Core 139. Where and how can I get the Core 141 from.
I saved & as DNS.

core 141 is in testing have a look at https://wiki.ipfire.org/configuration/ipfire/pakfire/testing

Core 141 is ipfire 2.25

Hi there

I have imported the core141. After that everything runs smoothly as it should. The reboot runs cleanly. And when I restart the modem everything works fine. Thanks a lot

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Good Morning,
now I have the same problem as described above.
What could that be. Every morning around 4 o’clock the internet is gone the Vodafone modem has not restarted. Set in the DNS and the IPS DNS Broken alternatively still have and in it but nothing works anymore. On the home page you can see no DNS name from Vodafone but my local name of IPFIRE. After restarting the IPFiRE it runs again

Do you have the IPS enabled?

Yes it is activated

Does this problem persist when you disable it?

Yes it stays. I currently deactivated it and reactivated it. It was going through now. Let’s wait.