Ipfire VMWare as as firewall for windows host , routed to ipfire then host

can the wifi internet connex on th the windows host be routed to the ipfire VM bridged adapter then routed back to to host on the bridged ethernet (host has both physical adapters
if so could some kind soul tell me how to do it?

thank you in advance for any help

ps i hav ipfire working in VMWare and temp reroute green port so i can access the WEBUI
would soft ethernet loopback work on the physical eth port?

I tried to read the post a couple of times unsuccessfully. If you try again and write more clearly what you are trying to accomplish, I will make an effort to help you out, at the best of my (very limited) knowledge.

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thank you for your reply
i am running ipfire as a VM in windows
i would like tp route my net traffic to ipfire then connect my windows thru te green zone to access the net
my current config is ted bridged tp wifi adapter and green bridge to ethernet adapter
i wousld like to route my net connex to the ipfire VM instead of being routed to the windows host
net > ifire red then wiindows hosr to green
thank you very much

If I understand correctly, you have a Windows machine working as a host for a guest VM running IPFire. You want the host connections to go trough the Virtual Machine instead than accessing directly the WAN (internet). Correct?

I have no idea how to do something like that. Maybe someone else can give some more useful suggestion.

The only thing that comes to mind is to install another guest machine running also windows, give to that an IP address in the green network range of IPFire, set as gateway the IPFire green IP and add the IP of that windows guest machine to Netowrk/Hosts menu of IPFire web interface.

Than you use as your desktop the guest windows machine?

Good luck.