Ipfire via Serial Terminal

Hi !

I use an APU2C4 with a serial output and w/display.
Unfortunately i had yesterday a startup issue because fs failed and needed some maintenance.
I thought no bid deal. Laptop USB Serial and Putty…
I set putty to the comport and 115200bit/s and i saw the ipfire starting up.
But after booting stopped and i got the shell… i was not able to input any character…
(meanwhile its fixed, i took msata out and did the repair on another linux machine)
Usually i use there Putty for SSH… did i missed a setting for Serial usage ?

Ciao Gerd

Have you tried to disable hardware handshake (RTS/CTS) and (XON/XOFF) ?

But usually also hardware handshake works on an APU.

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Hi !
I took the original setup from putty (XON/XOFF)
I will try again this evening disabling also XON/OFF

Ciao Gerd