IPFire userbase in Latin America?


a while ago, I bumped into this article. Apparently, Brazilians face breaches of their data on a regular basis (which I vaguely remember to have read multiple times before), just like citizens of many other countries in the world. Of course, such incidents happen in Europe as well, but thanks to GDPR, they can be heavily penalised by authorities, effectively enforcing companies to care about IT security and privacy. While the status quo is far from optimal in my eyes, it is significantly less worse than for most parts of the world.

Skimming through Fireinfo today, it occurred to me that there seem to be quite some installations in the field somewhere in Latin America. While none of its countries made it into the Top 10, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia are relatively close to it. Also, there have been some IPFire mirrors in Ecuador for years, so I guess somebody has heard of IPFire there as well. :slight_smile:

IPFire is pretty Europe-centered: Most of our installations and developers are located there.

I could imagine people in Latin America (or other parts of the world outside wealthy western areas) having different needs for running IPFire, such as usually sitting behind different types or qualities of internet uplinks. Perhaps you get a super-fast fiber connection in a major city there, while rural areas will be happy if they got something like a slow, high-latency mobile connection (this basically applies to Germany as well :expressionless: ) - you get the idea.

Are there any users in Latin America here, who’d like to reveal themselves? If so, how do you use IPFire? What difficulties do or did you face using it?

Sorry if this appears a bit abrupt - I just realised I never really thought about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Hello, I am from Chile and I’ve been using ipfire since around 4 years. My system is installed in my home network and I didn’t have many issues with it, until the recent upgrade (core 157 to 158).

I did a radical decision and I installed from scratch, I had internet access but some addons stopped functioning.

My setup is not complicated at all, some few rules, qos, tor, dynamic dns, for now.

I’m happy with the system. I came from using Brazilfw for many years but I decided for something with newer kernel in that moment and here I am.

My best regards from Santiago, Chile.


Hi folks, I’m in Brazil, and using IPFire almost three years now without complains. I intend to give it a try in as a VM in the next weeks - as all installs we had done are “on-premises” or bare-metal servers.
We had IPFire running for 6 months as a VM in our labs and everything come without any concerns, so it’s time to deploy it on the real world.
I 'm thinking about if it’s in the plan of the devel team about the availability of a ready-to-go kvm image to be installed.
Thanks for your great support and excel piece of open source software. We love it.

Renato Salles