IPFire updating from 174 to 178 breaks in Oracle VM

Hi folks, after applying the update via GUI (tab IPFire/Pakfire) the reboot of the VM went into an endless bootloop due to crash after message “Loading initial ramdisk…”, see screenshot. Before IPFire 174 did run with no problem. Beside setting up a new instance, are there any options how to debug or solve this issue? I use a x64 VM in Oracle VirtualBox Version 7.0.10. The VM log states this:

00:00:23.380430 ACPI: Reset initiated by ACPI
00:00:23.380505 Changing the VM state from 'RUNNING' to 'RESETTING'

Problem seems to be solved, as for no reason the device option in VM changed from PS/2-mouse to USB-tablet. Switching back brought back this system (fireinfo.ipfire.org - Profile 5cd4993e092f87cdd30ebe46e07ea29a21f196c3)