IPFire Swap Memory

Hi guys,

I need your wisdom one more time. This time has to do with swap memory. How do I go about using and expanding the swap memory in IPfire? Where is the config file to enable and add swap memory in the IPFire system?

As you see on the following image. Swap is not even running or enable in my system. I’d like to give the system some swap memory so it eases some of the processing on physical memory which is at 89%

Looks like you use the flashimage. On this image there is no swap partition. And it is a bad idea to use swap on a flashcard.

IPFire use the standard linux swapsystem it can mounted via fstab or manually enabled via swapon. See archlinux wiki for reference: Swap - ArchWiki

Using all the memory before using any swap gives the best performance.
No point not using as much RAM as possible. Why slow the box down deliberately?
My firewalls use no swap and all on normal IPFire image.
If anything, I’d look at increasing the amount of RAM installed on your firewall. A cheap upgrade these days.


Arne.F, thank you, that answers my question/concerns about the swap file system.

Thank you IPcopMann. Yes, I know it’s slower to use swap, but some systems can’t be upgraded or add more RAM. I was curious if it could be handle with simply adding swap to the system to free some space from RAM.

Thank you, you and Arne.F answer my questions. As always greatly appreciate it. I’m new and recently implemented IPFire so wanted to know if I could use swap as memory on my system. Again, thank you.

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