IPfire shutdown does not power off the PC

When i shutdown IPfire it goes through the motion of stopping the running services, but does not power off the PC. It halts with “reboot_” and even the cursor stops flashing. So i manually power off the PC. The mobo i’m using is an ASUS K8n4-e. Has anyone had anything similar or is this expected behaviour?

Hate to say it but you need something
Newer. I have some 2nd gen i5, i7 cpu’s
That I feel are old.

i was only using it for running some emulators, but when my OLDER firewall PC gave up i decide to upgrade - or so i thought.

Socket 754? I still have one with an Turion64 for old games. You should look for the latest BIOS. Mid. 2000er was the time when ACPI problems sometimes showed up. ACPI 1.3/2.0 bios switch should be there.

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The ACPI options are only enable/disable. There is a BIOS update that i can apply to it. i just need to read some more into the update and the process.

I had a look into the manual. Page 4-36. ACPI suspend mode should be S1&S3 and APIC support enabled + page 5-15 how to enable ACPI 2.0 support.

A few things went wrong but to cut a long story short i updated the BIOS to 1010 and now it powers off when finished. i have the original manual and there are differences to my BIOS menu. There was no option to enable ACPI 2.0. Even after the BIOS update i saw nothing new in the BIOS menu. But the update fixed something. Thanks.

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