IPFire setup with UniFi AP Ac Pro and Guest Network


thx for the nice Firewall and of course for the community over here.

That’s my first comment at all. So please don’t be to harsh, if anything is wrong about my comment.

I’m testing IPFire and really love it, but do struggle to get WIFI networks to work.

Overall my setup looks like:

  • RED: WAN via cable internet (IPv4)
  • GREEN: my trusted LAN network devices
  • BLUE: the part, where I do struggle

No to the blue network:
I want to connect my 3 UniFi Access Points to that network.

Within that blue WIFI Network I want that I do have 2 or 3 WIFI SSIDs. One for my devices, one for IoT devices and one for guest devices.

How do I manage to separate the WIFI SSIDs from each other? Or is it not possible with IPFire?

If it’s only working for 2 SSIDs (trusted green network devices and blue devices like guest devices), than it would ne nice to also get a hint how this could work.

But the best solution would be to have those 3 separate SSID “networks”.

Thx so far and I really hope to get some help concerning this point as I don’t know how to solve it.



maybe this can be a consideration WAP with 2 SSIDs and VLAN IDs?

and https://community.ui.com/questions/Multiple-SSID-on-seperate-VLAns/f019d4f6-465d-4b39-86fe-3e4fc123d782

Thx for your feedback.
I only understand half of it.

I have to manage it via a “managed” switch connected to the blue port, right?

Is there no other way to manage it? Don’t want to use managed switches at all.

please tell us something more about your ipfire hardware an have a look at wiki.ipfire.org - Zone Configuration if you use vlan’s you have to use managed switches that’s right. In my case i have puted the unifi AP into green and manage the guest wlan about the accespoint

Hi. Thx for your help.

For me its an IPU882 from nrg-systems.de

UniFi would be UniFi AP AC Pro’s (3 of them).

So you did not put the WIFI into blue network?

Actually I could use VLANs, but I try to avoid it, as I have to use managed switches (and I don’t have that much trust into those kind of switches at all.

That’s why I was asking.

Someone managed to get Access Points to work over blue port from IPFire (but also has access to green network?).

i have used this manual sorry for german also without vlan but my ap is in green. Sorry can’t say more.

Thx. I do speak german. No problem at.

But maybe anyone else can give some input concerning this.

I also do need to install an UniFi Controller within network, to manage the UniFi APs.

Thx for your help.
Appreciate it .

yes you can install this un a linux ur windows machine:

don’t use the mobile app’s for this.

yes i put in in the green zone.

Maybe some other ideas or ways how to find a good way to come to a good solution?

Hi @mrte

So if I understand correctly, you want to connect your three Unifi AP’s to a non-managed switch which then connects them to the Blue zone interface on IPFire and to have three different SSID’s on the AP’s. You can do that but the clients on the three SSID’s will not be separate once they are in IPFire.

The default setting for the Blue zone, once Blue Access is set, is access to the Red and Orange zones and also access to the IPFire WUI.
If you want to prevent access to the IPFire WUI from Blue see link.

You could then control the different clients via Firewall Rules based on their IP Addresses that you have provided from the Blue DHCP. So you could only allow the IOT clients to access the Red (Internet) and nothing else and specific trusted clients could have a rule to access services on Green from Blue using the principle of DMZ pinholes but adjusting for access from Blue to Green.
However, all your clients will be in the same subnet and hence not separated.

As @anon65703081 mentioned this separation would usually be done via VLAN ID’s and managed switches. On IPFire you can only set up one VLAN ID per zone so that would be one ssid per zone if using VLANs.

I am doing the same as @anon65703081 using AP’s with two SSID’s, one of which goes to Green for access for myself to all services and the other to Blue for guests. The two SSID’s have different VLAN IDs which are sent to the different IPFire zones via managed switches.

I don’t believe that the full separation of the different SSID’s as you describe can be done with IPFire

I think your limiting factor is number of zones.
AP in green.
Vlan from AP to Blue
Vlan from AP to Orange
This to me seams Possible.

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Yes, but then you would need a managed switch to direct the appropriate VLAN ID to the appropriate zone.

@mrte doesn’t want to use a managed switch.

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You could have the AP do DHCP. For each ssid network.
Put the AP in orange zone.

Thank you for all the feedback

Yes @bonnietwin is right. But that was only an idea from my side. As I’m a novice I am not quite sure about this yet.

Actually I like it, if IPFire does manage all my DHCP stuff, I do trust it more than a AP-manufacturer.

So a managed switch with VLANs would be the best scenario in your opinion?

Hi @mrte ,

I believe so. It is certainly what I am using for my home network. I have two wireless AP’s with two ssid’s, one for green and one for blue each with their own VLAN ID. My managed switch then sends the green vlan signal to IPFire’s green input and the blue vlan signal to IPFire’s blue input. I have the green and blue zones set with the appropriate vlan id. This works well for me. I use the green wifi with my laptops and can access all the green network. I use a very strong passphrase protection for the wifi wpa2. The blue wifi is my guest network and is used by my family and friends when they visit. (Not been any real traffic on it over the last year).
A third ssid could be added to go to orange for the iot devices. I don’t use it at the moment but it could end up being used for a smart thermostat in the future. It would then be restricted to my orange zone, which currently has my tv, dvd, surround sound amp etc in it.

Thx @bonnietwin

I think I will give it a try.

What about IoT devices (for LAN and WIFI)? Would you put them into same network as guests, or use another VLAN?

As far as I understand, it’s not that easy, because IPFire only has 4 zones. (I would like to use my nextcloud raspi within DMZ - orange zone).

Glad to be of help.

I think for your iot devices you have to decide what is the best thing for your situation. If you have things in the orange zone that you don’t want your iot devices to mix with then probably the blue zone with your guests is a better bet but you have to figure out what is right for the mix of devices you have in each zone.

Remember that in the orange zone you will not get any dhcp service from IPFire, so either everything needs to be assigned fixed ip addresses or you will need to set up a dhcp server of your own in orange. You will also need to define external dns server(s) for the same reason.

Good luck with getting everything up and running.