Ipfire (server) peer to peer Pfsense (client)

Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible and how it can be done to connect my IPFIRE as a server, peer to peer with OpenVPN to Pfsense client.

I already have ipfire configured and working with another IPFIRE in peer to peer, but I would like to know how to do it to a pfsense.

thank you

Hello Help,

yes, that should be possible. IPFire is using the standard OpenVPN implementation which should be compatible.



That’s what I think, only I can’t find the way, since ipfire generates a certificate for me but what I have found with pfsense is a different procedure.

I found two methods, but I don’t have pfsense to test it.

If this doesn’t apply to you, Tell me then I’ll delete my post.

The first option is only for the PFSENSE Plus version, I have the community edition unfortunately it does not have the option to Import client. if not the first video would have worked for me.

the second does not apply to me since Ipfire generates 1 .P12 and .Conf file

I am not familiar with pfSense but I would expect that if it does not allow the import of a client configuration that you should be able to manually set up the client configuration using the information from the IPFire .ovpn file

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:thinking: I hope the below links may be helpful

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the drawback is that Peer to Peer does not create an .OVPN for me.

Instead create a .p12 and .conf

I will try and let you know.

Sorry .ovpn is for the Roadwarrior setup.

The.conf file should provide what you need to manually create the setup for the client end of the net to net system.

In Pfsense CE Version 2.6.0 I see an option to import a .p12 file

Today I found.

The below page may be an interesting hint

@bonnietwin @ms Could you take a look at that please.
Or someone else, advanced in IPFire programming. :o)


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