IpFire, Roku and Wireless Routers


So I’ve just installed IpFire with all 4 zones (red, blue, green and Orange) configured on a device with 6 total ports, leaving me with 2 ports to play with…

I currently use a wifi router (with it’s ethernet ports) as the gateway for setting up the IpFire but eventually I’d like to connect the IpFire directly to my Aris modem.

I have a cisco managed switch, with 8 ports for 8 people, connected to a wifi router along with a Roku connected via ethernet to the wifi router itself, so they can all use their screen mirroring capabilities from their macs, to a large screen TV… So here it is…

Seeing as to how there’s so many people on this network, what I want to do is to run the Roku from the blue zone with the wifi router so that it’s separated from the green zone connected to the switch. But at the same time, I want to allow everyone to be able to mirror their screens (not chrome cast, but the native Mac screen mirroring) to the large screen television which uses the Roku to do this.

I’ve noticed on my firewall logs, that the firewall blocks IGMP from the red zone of the router to the address of and UDP from the red zone to the broadcast address ( the address) which I think is the Roku being blocked. I tried allowing those addresses through firewall but to no avail, I still don’t get the screen mirroring capability of my Mac.

It seems quite a complicated task which perhaps may have many solutions. Does anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this? Or perhaps where I can find the many parts of this puzzle to accomplish this?

Welcome to IPfire.
So Your devices in the blue zone are blocked blue access.

Once they are allowed they can access the internet / WAN.
See default firewall rules here.

If the Mac PCs are in the Green zone they are allowed to talk to devices in the blue zone.
You still may need firewall rule to allow Roku to talk to Mac.
You will probably need to install mDNS repeater

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Hello BennayB - welcome to the ipfire community!

I do not know anything about Roku but I do use a Mac on the GREEN network with Apple TV on the BLUE network. Can you check if Roku uses something called Bonjour (a.k.a. Rendezvous, mDNS, etc.) for the mirroring? Also is the “mirroring capability” the same as AirPlay?

If “yes”, then you need to install the IPFire add-on:

And then open a couple of firewall holes between BLUE to GREEN.

You can check the the firewall logs for items being blocked, see menu Logs > Firewall Logs. The 3rd column called iface (interface) would state BLUE (or maybe GREEN). This will tell you what is blocked.

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