IPFire restart/shutdown dhcpd couldn't be stopped

Hi @ all,

watching the restart/shutdown procedure output of the console shows up an warning: Couldn’t stop dhcpd. dhcpd works fine but I wonder about the warning. Anybody else has the “problem”?



same here since cu 166


thank you for reporting this.

May I ask you to file a bug for this issue so it won’t fell through the cracks?

Thanks in advance, and best regards,
Peter Müller

There is also an error message, when it starts up:

“Error: ipv4: FIB table does not exist.”

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The “FIB table does not exist” message already has a bug raised against it.

No bug has been raised yet for the original subject of this thread of “dhcpd couldn’t be stopped” message.

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I’m not the original poster, but i created the bug report with the info i have.

Bug 12904 has been successfully created

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