Ipfire possible problem with ftp

Hello, im facing this problem:
dmz → orange → Ubuntu 20.04 with filezilla-server. Ip: and gateway
green zone → Windows 10 with filezilla-client. ip and gateway

I want to connect from ftp client in green zone with ftp server in orange/dmz.
Im able to ping from green to dmz.

$ping ( from machine

But i open filezilla-client as said in green windows, and put the quick connection to connect to filezilla-server in dma/orange ( ip user; joe password:*** port:21 …and i got error connection refused…

As from green to orange communication is allowed…im missing something ? Or i ve to add some firewall rules ? Port 21 is closed ?


What firewall rules did you create? Are you blocking access from GREEN to ORANGE by default?