IPFire on VirtualBox green doesn't work


I’ve tried the first time IPFire on VirtualBox so I can (hopefully) easely swap the productive system with a testing environment.

However I can’t get green to work and therefore can’t configure IPfire after the installation.

Hardware is the same as before and of cource all network cards + the network itself works fine.

I have a Intel AX210 wifi for red and 4x 10GB Intelö X710 for green, blue and orange. Red works fine.

All 4 networks in VirtualBox are in Bridged Mode. The NIC assignment is also right. I checked the interface names on the host with the VirtualBox network cards configuration and also enabled/disabled the “virtual network wire” and cross ckeched it with ethtool within IPFire to see the link tatus change. However I can’t access then webif from the host or any other network client. Apater 2 is green. All adapters have the same settings. I also changed “paravirtualized network” to one of the old Intel cards (I don’t want to because of 10GB) but no change.

Also I’m getting a DHCP server error out of the box and I can find some RX drops on green:

Threfore DHCP can’t work. I don’t know that warning.Any hint?

My green networks talks directly to a USB to Ethernet adapter and that works fine. I usually hang one device on green to make sure all is good.

I cannot read the Adapter Type but I think it is a virtual connection. Can you set it to talk to a 10GB Intel NIC?

I don’t’ have any virtual adapters.

Don’t know why there is no adapter description after the adapter name.

wlp2so is the wifi nic
enp0s31f6 is the onboard nic
enp1s0f0-enp1s0f3 is a single quad 10GB nic

I’ve just installed Windows 10 21H2 in a VM with the same config as IPFire and bridged mode network works fine, so the problem is not related to the host.

I also tested the Windows VirtIO Drivers with the option “paravirtualized network”. It also works fine with 10Gb/sek.

Honestly in the last time IPFire behaves not well to me. I installed VirtualBox on my Windows Server 2022 host, installed IPFire with the same config and everything worked fine. So I deleted the VM on my Manjaro host and recreated it, installed IPFire (same ISO as before) and the DHCP Server error message is gone. Green works now without doing anything. Great!!!.. :unamused: