IPFire on Orange Pi Zero

Is it possible to install and run IPFire on an Orange Pi Zero?
If yes, what version should I use?

Thank you.

Hi Larry Chan,
Maybe this will help you:


The rest I can not say a lot as I am not one of the developers, that make this amazing firewall software,
but as Orange PI looks like a fork of Raspberry Pi, I think you need to follow the RBPI list but again I am not one of the developers.

I hope I help you a little in the right direction.

Best regards


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It’s no longer listed on https://wiki.ipfire.org/hardware/arm. That might give a clue. You would need the 512 MB & Ethernet option - even that would run only mimimal IPFire. Better to purchase something having at least 1 GB RAM.

OTOH, if you already have an Orange Pi Zero, then the code is still in IPFire (I guess to support older installations). You must also use a USB-Ethernet adaptor to provide the second wired zone. You could then follow the procedure analagous to that for Banana Pi.

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