IPFire on FastRhino R68s

hello to all !
I recently get a new released single board computer named FastRhino R68s (https://r68s.cn/) from china, it is designed as a software router.
I wonder if it’s possible to install and run ipfire on it.
The reason I bought it was because it was very cheap.It only cost me 459 RMB(≈$65) to have two 2.5G Ethernet interface plus two 1000M Ethernet interface SBC.

Hardware Spec: 
Rockchip RK3568
2x 2.5G Ethernet(RTL8125B)
2x 1000M Ethernet(RTL8211)
2x USB 3.0

Thank you :smiley:

Try it and let us know.

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That sounds like a super interesting project.
RTL chips don’t have the best support, but in these times you could just dream about intel chips on your board.

Try to boot it up and post some screenshots or logs.


We can get it to run with 6.0 as pcie2 and 3 was merged for rk3568.

I have upstreamed station m2 already so this won’t be hard given they share the schematic with us to write the dts.

I already have radxa E25 which is almost the same except it only have 2x2.5gb lans