IPFire on ESXi Arm Edition

i would like to run my IPFire on my new ESXi Arm Edition.
Anyone any idea how to convert the arm-image file to vmdk?
Or is there an arm iso?

Thank you + BR

Hi Schtebo,

You could use vmware convertor.
Use the option for running machine.
It will use SSH and copy the machine into ESX for you.

Worth a shot anyhow.
You will need to install it on a PC that can see both machines.


If you want a 64bit arm (aarch64) there is an ISO but im not sure if this boots on ESXi.

It is only tested in KVM on a Mustang.

For 32bit arm (armv5tel/armv6/armv7) we support only a bunch of boards because you need special bootloaders for every different hardware and none of them can boot an iso so there is no image.

Hi Arne
Hi Joe
Thank you for your reply.
Tried both (VMware converter and aarch64 iso) sadly it didn’t succeed. Aarch64 iso image boots, but fails then trying to download the same iso again.
Would be soo cool if this is possible but unterstood the challenge and great efforts.


This means that the driver for the emulated cdrom is missing or not working in IPFire.
Looks like a missing storage driver.
Have you more information of the emulated hardware?
Can you run an other Linux and post a bootlog, the kernel config or other helpfull things about the virtual hardware.

Hi Arne,
played a bit with the “Guest OS family” and “Guest OS version”.
Sadly it makes no difference. Hoped a bit that the “storage driver” is recognized in an older vm configuration.

This is my setup:

And the dmesg logs from an Ubuntu 20.04 running on the ESXi Arm Edition looks like https://pastebin.com/LMJN0e3h

If you need more information, please let me know.


I have found the problem. I will fix this with the next kernel update but this need a bit time…

sounds great :), thank you very much!

Please try this experimental build and report if it works.

it works :slight_smile:

Arne, thanks so much!
I appreciate it. :slight_smile: