IPFire on a APU.2E4?

Hello community,
can anyone around tell me if IPFire runs on an APU.2E4 board (https://www.apu-board.de/produkte/apu2e4.html)?

And if so, i would be interested to hear how this worked out and so on… :).


I have an APU2C4 and it works very well. Since the hardware changes between C, D and E are quite small, I guess it should work for your machine as well.

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And may i ask how you have installed IPFire on the device?

I installed IPFire preparing a usb key with IPFire image and booting from the USB. To monitor and interact with the machine, a console connection with the serial port is necessary. I used a terminal emulator and a serial to usb adapter connecting the serial port of the apu with my laptop. See this video of the procedure, once you boot the IPFire iso : https://asciinema.org/a/189918. Credits for the video goes to https://teklager.se/en/

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I think it APU2E4 is one of the almost perfect boards under $200.
Although the lack of Video OUT and need for a serial->USB connection might make it less desirable for some of us,

I am not sure what is the status regarding the HW vulnerabilities but since it is running AMD64 I think it should be under control.

The APU2x are x86_64, which is why those are not in ARMwiki

x86_64 boards mostly run IPFire and are not individually listed, except for the models from Lightning Wire Labs.

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Oops good point