IPFire NTP servers appear to be wrong

Recent fresh install of v164. Built-in NTP server is working but the default upstream servers appear to be wrong by 1 or 2 minutes? After changing to 2 servers in my country and synchronising everything it is fine.
I also see this in the log from 4AM today:
TIME INFO: Time Server has +47.586267 sec offset to localtime.
Bu the drift as of now (5PM) was more than that.

My NTP is off by less then 1 second. Is there anything in the messages log about NTP not contacting the ntp server?

I am curious… Can you enter the command below and post the results?

date && ntpdate -qu 0.ipfire.pool.ntp.org

Very strange - I only set it 3 hours ago and it was spot on, it appears to have drifted by 30 seconds already. I must have dodgy hardware.
Wed Mar 23 08:43:55 PM GMT 2022
server, stratum 1, offset +30.880978, delay 0.03954
server, stratum 2, offset +30.881344, delay 0.04272
server, stratum 1, offset +30.881919, delay 0.03952
server, stratum 2, offset +30.885045, delay 0.03877
23 Mar 20:43:56 ntpdate[11713]: step time server offset +30.881919 sec

I did tell it to sync earlier but didn’t get any improvement until I changed the NTP provider, but perhaps I didn’t wait long enough? In either case, I suspect the fault lies in my system. Thanks for the reply!

go to menu Services → Time Server and take a screenshot of the NTP Configuration page. How often do you do Synchronization?

Following Jon’s example, I use date && ntpdate -qu time.nist.gov … accurate time.

Yeah… Maybe this…

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NTP issues are fixed in IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 169 released.


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