IPFire Mini Appliance + Wireless Kit


I might be buying the mini appliance soon and have three questions (for now :slight_smile: )

  • Is, with the wireless kit installed, one of the Ethernet ports still configurable as Green so I can connect additional access-points on Green?

  • Is the Mini Appliance hardware fully compatible with the upcoming Core update 173 with kernel 6.1?

  • Is this hardware capable of running the vpn?


Edit: added third question.

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@eddie , welcome to the IPFire community

Yes, the wireless kit just adds a further NIC ( wireless, 802.11 )

yes. I think you can think of mini appliance ( based on the PCengines APU4D4 board ) being the reference for home/SOHO use.

As far as I know ( from watching the community posts ), yes.


Hello Bernhard,

Thank for the reply!
I have IPFire running for years on an old pc with a 4-GbPort Ethernet-card.It’s a set-and-forget setting for years now, so it’s on very old software, Core update 125 (i know, I know…). I am afraid updating might break things and I want that big old clunky pc out of the way.

VPN is outdated on this firmware, but it worked very well. SNORT is running, ClamAV, even Tor. So I am a bit hesitant if the 4 GB in the mini appliance can do this all.
VPN is a must have for me and SNORT on Red would be great!

Oh, I made a mistake. In my original question I asked if an extra access-point on Green was possible. I have no doubt that is possible, but I meant Blue.


You can switch the networks to bridge mode and add more than one interface to a network. This works also with the internal wlan AP.


Hi Arne,

Thanks, thats great!
Besides the obvious firewallrules, I like to run the following functionalities on the mini appliance:

OpenVPN (Roadwarrior)
URL filter
Intrusion detection on Red (Snort with subscription)

Looking at the memory usage on my present IPFire configuration this all seems fit in the 4GB of the mini appliance.
Can you tell me, or make an estimate, if I can run all this on the mini appliance, or should I make choices in what to run here?


Hi Edwin,

I can confirm that the mini appliance is able to handle all of your requested features at once.
Additionally to your requirements at my mini appl. there is IDS for green and blue and web proxy running. All this with no performance issues with about 40 devices connected.

I can recommend this hardware for your setup.


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Hi Waynie,

That’s what I wanted to hear, thank you so much for your reply!
I have now IDS for green and Blue running and the webproxy running as well. I didn’t mention them because I figured that would be too much for this device. So I was wrong, and that is a very good thing in this case.
Thanks again.

Edit: just ordered!