IPFire merchandise

Hi everyone, I did a little searching around on the IPfire site and blog.
Is there anywhere to buy merchandise? I think a flaming penguin on my coffee cup would be great, even better then the debian logo!

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The idea is cool! Why not sell some T-Shirts, coffee cups and baseball caps and more. That would promote the project and support it financially. :+1::heavy_dollar_sign:

I’d like to see “swag” … but, there is a lot of up front BS (cost) involved. I’m more interested in supporting and telling others about the project. At this time, I’m only able to contribute by making suggestions, testing, submitting online contributions, and trying to help others…

I am VERY encouraged by the recent development activities. Several talented contributors have submitted a “f*ck ton” of changes and updates of late. I’ve seen a good number of critiques and suggestions in the Community forum, and the recent releases have made my implementation MUCH more usable and stable.

I’ve been enjoying protecting my modest little home network for several years with IPFire, and submitting suggestions / advice as best I can. I hope to to support the project with funds in the near future, and I encourage those who use this software to do so, too.

IPFire is an incredible accomplishment. I would like for everyone who has an online presence to use and support the project.



yes, we would love to offer some swag, but plans for it were always put aside because we couldn’t find the right provider. There are loads of projects that offer shirts and other things that fall apart very quickly and unfortunately cost a lot of money.

We have also considered to use them as a source of income, but we do not want to be a t-shirt shop. We are an open source project building software and that cannot be funded by selling t-shirts - unless you want to spend ridiculous money on them.

So if you want to support the project, the best and only way is to donate: www.ipfire.org - Donate

Besides that, we can still try to make some swag. I would love to. Does anyone know where you can good quality for a good price?


I think no matter where you go the products would be a little expensive, a lot of gaming clans use CafePress.com
They require no money up front and only make the products when they are sold.
I’m sure there are others but that seems to be the one I see the most.
I believe I ordered a few things from them about 10 years ago.

Hi Michael Tremer,
How about creating a nice Flaming Penquin photo, sized for a coffee cup mug, then providing it as a thank you for making a donation. People could then download it and have their favorite sign maker add it to a mug of their choice. That way, no overhead or shipping headaches for you.