IPFire logo question

Why exactly does the penguin logo have a squint? It looks weird or should I say gives a crazy vibe?

Hiya Dude,

I’ve only been around IPFire for a couple of years and the logo was already used by the time I arrived.

Honestly, I had never noticed the “squinty” eyes before.

First thing I did on reading your question was go to the Cambridge Dictionary…

to partly close your eyes in order to see more clearly

Considering the purpose of IPFire this definition seems to be suitable.

Since becoming aware of the wonky eyes of our mascot - I’ve grown rather fond of it.


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The logo is based on a standard picture of the “tux” - the mascot of Linux.


We are looking at getting rid of it soon.

Why so? Then you would choose another penguin? Because Linux is penguin. FreeBSD is devil.

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So long it “squints” I’ll be happy.

Now that I think about it a change really makes sense. Just as New features (IPFire Roadmap) - #7 by df-h told:

PS: Concerning the current “icon view”, the IPFire mascot might rather become a tux firefighter, that can control and extinguish the fire, with an ability to run upstream and inspire to become a firefighter, instead of running dizzy and catching fire :slight_smile: .

I would recommend to not take it that literally :slight_smile:

Duck test running in my head… With no duck, but other kind of animal (more or less).
Some issue raised are interesting, other seems specious. At least, more than when i am specious…