Ipfire install on laptop with dualboot win10?

Hi Guys.

I would like to install ipfire on a laptop. I have bought 3x usb to lan adapter.
But is it possible to install ipfire together with windows 10 ?
I would like to shrink the win10 partition to make room for ipfire. Is that possible ?

Hi, it is possible but it makes no sense.

A firewall should be a firewall only.

I also am not sure why you would want to do this.

You also can’t just do it by shrinking the win10 partition. The IPFire installation will use the whole of whatever disk you install it onto, erasing all other data on it.

You could do it by setting up a virtual machine with IPFire in it and another with win10 in it but as indicated in the wiki, this should only be used for testing or development and not for production use.

Yes you’re right. What was I thinking.A firewall is not something I should switch off on monday and tuesday, and work with Windows. It should be the only OS on my laptop. I think I will make an entire image of the Windows and install that to a second laptop, and use IPfire entirely on my laptop.

Also bear in mind, depending on your internet speeds, the 3 USB to Lan adapters may become a bottle neck for the networks traffic, just something to be aware of.

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