IPFire + FritzBox + Pi-Hole & Exposed Host

Helle there,

having an new Cable Connection with my new FritzBox 6591 (Own Device) My ISP are Unitymedia.

Having trouble to setup my IPFire and Pi-Hole work together with my FritzBox…

My FritzBox have the IP (Static) (DHCP off)
My IPFire have the IP (DHCP ON)
My Pi-Hole have the IP (Static)

I have Setup in FritzBox Exposed Host for IP but FritzBox told me IP exist not possible

My Green Network are config to and (can connect the WebIf)
My Red Network are config to Static and
The DNS are and Gateway

What are the correct Steps to get this working?




My physical connection


you have a numbering problem here.

If you are using for the Fritz!Box, the RED interface of IPFire has to be in that subnet, too.

But the GREEN subnet must be different. for example. Otherwise the firewall does not know to which interface to send a packet.

So just change GREEN and you are fine.


is this an solution? I wood like that my Network Devices have IP´s like

FritzBox =
Red Port =
Green = (DHCP Range to
Blue = (DHCP Tange to
Pi-Hole =

Yes, that would be a correct setup.

My Setup now this one, but it is not working… no Internet Connection

Okay, i think now it is working… after this Setup it looks like it works

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in my case for an Example:
ipfire red static gateway
ipfire green
pihole dns & DHCP for green

This is how I have it. Maybe I can help you.