IPFire for NanoPi R5C

Hi, trying to install IPFire for NanoPi R5C, I flashed image to SD card using Etcher and changed Serial = Off, my system stays on black screen and IPFire will not boot. Any tips?

Hi @lee16

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I am afraid that in the arm hardware page of the wiki


it says that FriendlyElec NanoPi R5S + others Do not work and are not supported.

I would expect that the R5C is covered by the + others.
It looks like the whole R5 family will not work with IPFire.

There was this thread starting from this post
which talked about various R5x machines but there was no final conclusion that anyone got anything to work.

Sorry to not be more hopeful for you, unless @spikerguy from that thread above has had any more success in getting any working.

Thanks for answer! I did check that thread and loaded NANOPI-R5S_EFI.img to SD card and IPFire to USB as suggested, I did get image to screen. After it starts loading Linux, I lose display.

I don’t use any arm systems with IPFire so can’t help any further, I’m afraid.

Maybe there are others who have managed to get further with the R5C.

I don’t have access to a R5S or R5C but if i remember correctly the kernel currently not support video output on rockchip boards. Try to use a serial console.


Thank you all! Not sure if this one has serial, I’ll investigate.

I studied the board and found Ground, TX & RX pins. Will any USB serial work with these? Example: PL2303HX USB to TTL RS232 COM UART Module Serial Cable module | SP-Elektroniikka Oy

Not any, but this. :wink: The magic word in specs of the UART port is ‘TTL’.

Yup, was just thinking if the cable is enough, I see some have PCB with them. Example this: Raspberry Pi USB-TTL -adapteri – Verkkokauppa.com