IPFire Footer Mod

Hello community,

here is my IPFire Footer Mod for everybody to test.

Unzip the archive in a folder of your choice and run the install.sh script.

tar xvf ipfire-footer-mod_v1.0.6.tar.gz

With the script install.sh, the addon can be easily installed and uninstalled. During the installation, a backup of the changed files is created and when the addon is uninstalled, this saved data is restored.

Feedback is welcome.

Everyone uses the addon at their own risk.

Some screenshots:

File download:


file size: 15012
md5sum: cfb56891e3a8536b4d14805dcffa0b57

Changelog v1.0.6:
2020-02-24 - added french translation file (Thanks to Stéphane!)




Hi all,
thanks for this sfeddersen.


tar xvf 

should work.



tar xvf ./ipfire-footer-mod_v1.0.5.tar.gz
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors


md5sum ./ipfire-footer-mod_v1.0.5.tar.gz
1bc2e6c18e2fa6f13038ae1df6e005cc ./ipfire-footer-mod_v1.0.5.tar.gz

Hi RadioCarbon,

i think something went wrong with your downlaod.

My md5sum looks like 90e01fa5594cc8151a5848747ce5d6e8



I d/l 3 times, I get diff md5sum, the actual file size is 14852 bytes, right?

Weird. I’ve tried it several times now.
Download with Firefox -> Error (filesize ok, checksum incorrect)
Download with Chromium -> all OK (filesize ok, checksum ok)

thanks Stephan

The file size is 14812.

I add now a download link to my own webspace.

Can anybody test the download from my own webspace?
Hopefully fixes the problem



Can anybody test the download from my own webspace?

Done. Checksum is ok.


Not only is the footer expanded, the traffic display is also colored. Cool.
Unfortunately the labels are now in lower case. Before, the first letter was always capital.

d/l from the new link, filesize and md5 match. Thanks.

Ok, then the download from the community board have a problem …



Yes, I thought it looked better.


If I may mention:
In the movie “The Net” Sandra Bullock clicked on a “pi”-symbol to get more information.

Nice idea. Looks then like this [π]

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Very nice !

It works like a charm !

Note : I like the Ajax speedmeter colorization ! :slight_smile:

Best, Stéphane

New Version 1.0.6 online.


  • added french translation file



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How is this working? Do i need a reboot of the fire or is there some “start” command???
Did a reboot now… i cant see this footer… where is it?

after install, if you visit the web UI, you should see a line at the bottom, there is a [#] symbol you can click and get more info about your ipfire hardware. Also the Traffic in/out counters on top right are color coded.

All what i see is this…
No line at the bottom…

my theme is ipfire …