IPFire Donations Error

Tried to make a Donation from the US.
Got “Error 500 Message” when using Valid Credit Card and no VAT clicked.
This was followed by 2 Messages & PDF files from Lightning Labs.
One message was says wait a week and one says pay now.
I don’t know if this donation was charged to my credit card or not.
Your Donation system need work !!!
Surely you can do better ???

Have you seen this already?

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Yes I read the Blog entry before making the donation.
But I still do not know if my Donation was charged to my Credit Card or not ???
I have considered making a monthly donation, but if the one time donation does not
work cleanly, I really do not need the grief on a monthly basis.
Please make your donation system easier to use with a simple charge for US non-VAT users. Thanks !!!