Ipfire dns-querys over port 53 and 853

I configured two DNS-Servers to use DNSoverTLS on the ipfire itself. (*Core Update 149 Development Build: master/da6b767a)
In the fw-log, i can see the querys over port 853 as exptected.
But there are other DNS-entrys in the log:
10:57:19 OUTGOINGFW TCP [IP IPFIRE ] [] 53.
The DNS-Name ist ns1115.ui-dns.biz
I did not confige this Nameserver.
Why does the ipfire query this NS over Port 53?
Thank you!

Not sure what you have going there.
But unless you are blocking port 53 DNS
devices on your network can bypass IPFires DNS.
Check out what “Teredo” is.
Hope that helps

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well, OUTGOINGFW suggests that IPFire initiated that connection, so this is not a client located in an internal network bypassing IPFire’s DNS resolver.

I configured two DNS-Servers to use DNSoverTLS on the ipfire itself.

Since I am not quite sure about having understood your setup, could you post screenshots of your DNS and firewall configuration here?

@hvacguy: I am pretty sure this issue is not related to Teredo at all.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Hi Peter,

thank you for your Response.

The DNS Config:


Hi Peter,

do you need further infomations or log/config-Files?
Thank you for your response


I think Peter was looking for firewall info also.

At menu Firewall > Firewall Rules.

Here you are

Die you need any further information?

Thanky you for your support

I use a public Domainname as the Domain for ipfire
e.g. ipfire.publicdomain. the DNS Server from first post ist one of the nameservers of the Domain Hoster (1und1)

Could that be the reason for the queries?

Could i rename the ipfire Domain without any effects with setup or have to change other configurations manually?

Thank you