IPFire crashes on startup

Hi all,

since the last update, IPFire does not restart correctly…

Displayed on screen :

Welcome to GRUB!

error: symbol ‘grub_file_filters’ not found.
Entering rescue mode…
grub rescue>

Please, help me !!

Hi Steph,
that seems to be the grub error some users are facing. Try to switch from uefi boot to csm boot or vice versa.
have a look at GRUB error on 149 upgrade for further information. I hope it helps.



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Hi @sklammer,

thanks a lot to your answer and the link you provided me, IPFire is finally restarting ! :slight_smile:

I followed Arne’s solution which fixed the problem, thanks too @arne_f :

switch between uEFI and Legacy (CSM) mode in the uEFI config

I was in UEFI boot and I switched to Legacy boot.

Edit : FYI, there was an update problem between 147 > 150