IPFire Core 148


I’m eager to try out the new libloc feature in core 148.

Before I update… I’m curious if the current Geo IP functionality and code will be removed / cleaned up before I do.


If you mean if your settings/rules are taken over by the update I can tell you yes. Your settings/rules works as before.


Yes, this is all replaced by our new own implementation and we no longer ship Maxmind’s code or database any more.

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works well thanks.

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Thanks @ms & @anon33261557. Looking forward to taking libloc for a test run.

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Before the update with libloc I never saw droped connections in ipfire log. Now I see a lot of DROP_INPUT for countries that should be “blocked” by location filter. Afaik blocked countries should´t show up and get filtered. Already did a manual update for location and reloaded firewall.

Any hints? Are there any logs or something I could check?