Ipfire Bootup Crash

This seems innocuous, and typically, there are no problems with the runtime system. Everything seems to be stable and reliable. But maybe someone can explain why this is occurring.

This occurs in early boot, and the problem IS persistent. I run ipfire in a VM as an appliance. I started noticing this only recently (maybe last 3 months or so).

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Can’t see a problem, or are you talking about x86/mm: Checked W+X mappings: FAILED, 96 W+X pages found?


This is relatetd to your VM appliance and can be found with google many times related to different VM providers.

Yes, I did do google on it, and I did find those pages discussing W+X. But I don’t get these problems with other applications. That’s why my first guess was Ipfire.

More specifically, I was thinking of the specific way that ipfire builds its kernels. It is not beyond reason that ipfire may have compiled a custom kernel and perhaps there might lie the problem.

I am not dismissing the possibility of an issue with virtualbox; that has had its share of issues. But generally, I find that vbox works well with most distros.


Your kernel is tainted.

It looks like you have loaded other kernel modules that were not shipped by us.

With current Virtual Box and current IPFire core144 i got also the trace but the System will not crash.



The trace will not showed with legacy kernel or the x86_64 Version.
So if your host support X86_64 you should install the x86_64 Version!

I see no hints for a tainted kernel. The kernel prints “swapper/0 Not tainted”

The host kernel is x64_64… unless you mean for the guest? Currently, I see the guest (ipfire) is running a PAE kernel. That is the kernel that came with the original install of ipfire. I see there is also a non-PAE kernel for x86. I only have 256M allocated for this VM, so PAE is probably not necessary.

Is there a 64 bit kernel for ipfire, and how would I get it?

Oops, yes. I clearly do not seem to understand the word “not”.

No worries, Michael. I appreciate the constructive and non-belligerent responses since those are the ones that get us closer to a solution. The others, not as much…

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Thank you Rodney for the suggestion – I missed that when I first posted. You can see it is corrected now.

nvm. I need to install a 64 bit ISO. There isn’t any upgrade path from 32 to 64 bit.