IPFire Backup Issue

After updating to Core 170 when I go to make a backup ISO, it produces a 0 size image.

After upgrading from Core 169 to Core 170 I found the same problem.

The “Include logfiles” and “Exclude logfiles” backup options generate files with sizes similar to those created by Core 169.

The “Generate ISO” option generates only two files - one file the same size as the “Exclude logfiles” option and one empty .iso file. Core 169’s “Generate ISO” option created three files (one .ipf and two .iso).

I think the problem lies within /var/ipfire/backup/bin/backup.pl as it requires adjustment to the URLs for the .iso and .iso.b2 files.
EDIT: the target filenames for the wget results may also require mods.

Hi everyone.

The problem lies in the IPFire Download site. The naming convention has been, I am sure accidentally, altered. The arch is in a different place than defined in backup.pl.

I will communicate to the dev mailing list


The file naming convention was changed to make the iso and image files have a common naming approach. It was missed that the backup process needed to be modified for that change in naming convention.

Bug raised for this.

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