IPFire as VM (Virt-Manager)

When I try to make a VM and install IPFire the setup complains about having only 1 network interface. I’ve got no idea how to configure my VM to do following:
Red Interface is the host (my baremetal PC) to guest (IPFire VM). Then I also need to create the green Interface. The green interface (DHCP) would be a connection to other running VMs. Is this even possible? Anyway, I will need to access the web configurator of IPFire (ipfire:444 ?). Is it possible to access it from host and/or other VM guests?

Although it is possible, IPF recommend that VM be used only for develpment & testing.

You need to configure bridging for your one physical NIC. The default virtual br0 on this becomes your RED. Then add a second virtual bridge, as GREEN, using “isolated network” mode. Whatever network address is assigned to GREEN needs to be used by all your other VM. You may set addressing in the TREEN LAN as DHCP or static. Other VM should then be able to browse to IPF web interface (ipfire:444) .


Thanks. I’ll try it soon.

Do I really need to assign all my other VMs to the virtual IPFire as well? They can’t get network directly from host then? Or should I add another VM pool/connection to separate my VMs?

If the other VM get network directly from host then they are on the RED network. Setting up static routes to enable them to use GREEN and access IPF GUI would be inadvisable. Your compromise would be to put one other VM on the GREEN network, so that it can use IPF GUI.

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