Ipfire as Traffic shaper between Red and Orange Network

I need to do some traffic limitation/shaping to keep an old server machine online. This dinosaur is a early IBM AS400e.

Currently it is just sitting behind a fritzbox which provides port forwarding and is accessable from outside via DDNS.
The IPfire should run on a nanopi r1.
Fritz side will be red network, server side will be orange/DMZ.

Unfortunately there is some software running on that machine using a static (Lan-) IP. To make it difficult, it is hardcoded. And therefore I am forced to keep the IP’s

Lets say
Fritz is at
IPfire will get
AS400e has its
Orange network: ??

Will it be possible to put the IpFire (with dedicated port forwading) direct into that Lan connection and keeping all the former assigned ip adresses?

Well, I am sorry I have not done any testing on that, as the AS400e can be a real bitch if connected to an unspecified network.

Thanks in advance

If you server needs
Make your Orange Network
Fritz box
Port forward from Ipfires red network to Orange server.
Be Aware Their is no DHCP on Orange or DNS
so assign a DNS sever to your server. Like

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I already thought about such a solution. But as the fritzbox serves a pharmacy as well as my lab and the flat, I try to avoid changing its IP-Range as there are already serveral subnets.

I still hope (but do not belive) to keep all the ip’s as described. (And just setting orange to

Red and Orange can’t have the same IP range.
You could have Fritz box forward to Ipfire and
And use a static route to the server in the red zone.
Fritz box thinks server is on Ipfire and Ipfire redirects it back to red where server is.
I think that would be a static route.
Every one on the Fritz box would have to use Ipfire as the gateway to server.
Devices on the Fritz box would go strait to server.

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