IPFIRE as a VM on QNAP NAS(devices)

does anyone collected experience with ipfire as vm on a QNAP device for example https://www.qnap.com/de-de/product/qgd-1600p ?
pfSense, routerOS, openWRT will be officially supported by QNAP. IMHO ipfire will do so too?!

PS: neues Portal in englisch schön und gut aber auf 'nem Smartphone mit Autokorrektur ein Krampf :crazy_face: trotz EN-Layout

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No, so far we have no plans for this and this is not a very good idea to run this setup.

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IMO, it isn’t a good idea to do conversations in forums or communities with a smartphone.

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I have a qnap ts-253be, and small adsl conection, working ipfire in a virtual machine, no problem.

yeah, but it’s not a good idea.

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So in general, are you guys saying that it is not recommended to run IPFire as a VM on a host, or stating not to run IPFire on the hardware stated in this topic. Please clarify.