IPFIRE and Supervectoring @ Telekom

Dear all,

I have now the following issue. Yesterday my VDSL was changed to 175/40Mbit with supervectoring.
However any speedtest shows only at max 108 Mbit/s.

The configuration is als follows:

  1. Daytreck VIGOR 165 in full bridge mode (VLAN Tag disabled , these are made by IPFIRE)
    The Modem sync properly and the sync info in the VIGOR shows 200/40 Mbit/s
  2. Connected to IPFIRE with Gigabit Connection.
  3. PPPoE Dial In works

The dial in is unchanged and worked until yesterda pretty well.
Is there anything to consider at IPFIRE with supervectoring?
Is there any expierience with VIGOR 165 and supervectoring in full Bridge mode with Telekom?

I did also the following: I configured the VIGOR 165 as router with PPPoE. This worked fine and the Speedtest showed nearly 200MBit/s

Any idea?


Tell us something about your ipfire, Hardware, configuration, like qos, ips, Proxy, etc.

Maybe than we can say more.

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Thanks for the hint with QoS. I didn’t changed the settings to the new max. speed.
Now it’s fine