IPFire and NTFS


I installed IPFire on a raspberry pi 3 and I have a VPN on it (openvpn), this part works wonders.

I wanted to install samba (which I did) but I didn’t find the packages for NTFS support (since i have an NTFS hard drive that I want to be able to connect on other machines that happen to be on windows).

If I understood correctly, contrary to Arch or Ubuntu, this distro is using only pakfire as a package manager, and not everything is available on it.
Am I supposed to compile myself all the packages I need? I don’t have gcc/g++/clang on my pi… so I can’t compile anything, not even gcc.
I never had this problem before since all I had to do was pacman -S gcc…
Is there a way to add repositories to get more packages?

There is an add-on available called “ntfs-3g”. Did you install that?

ntfs-3g is no addon. It is a core package (always installed) but to use it you need to add a parameter (-t ntfs-3g) to the mount commandline.

mount /dev/sd?? /mountpount -t ntfs-3g


Thanks, I was looking for the ntfs-3g addon but couldn’t find it in the list.
This did the trick, as suggested by arne_f, but using -t instead of -f

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdaX /mountpoint

Yes, he meant -t. I edited the post accordingly.

Nice. I felt bad to put my answer as a solution when his post solved the issue (99% of it at least)