IPFire and Hackinbo

During the Friday and Saturday of the Hackinbo event, the IPFire Italia community was present. Over these two days, we met many people and had the opportunity to discuss IPFire and its community.

The first day focused on the business world, with talks covering topics related to IT infrastructure security. We engaged with IT professionals interested in the IPFire solution, including two consultants working for Google Cloud.


Saturday, on the other hand, was dedicated to enthusiasts and, as they say in Italy, the “smanettoni” (tech-savvy individuals). During this day, there were talk sessions where specialists addressed various topics, ranging from security in Industry 5.0 to kernel protection to prevent fraud.


We encountered many individuals responsible for securing different industrial realities. In Italy, over 60% of companies consist of small, often family-run businesses.

On Saturday, in addition to the various talks aimed at the general public, a forensic game was organized in collaboration with the two Italian investigative forces: the Carabinieri and the Polizia di Stato (State Police). The investigative laboratories of the RIS (Reparti Investigazioni Scientifiche) simulated a homicide, and the two teams had to recover various clues alongside their investigative units to solve the case.

This game allowed about ten people to see firsthand how homicide investigations are conducted and provided insights and ideas to the investigative units for improving their abilities to identify evidence and individuals involved in real investigations.


In conclusion, we were invited to participate in the November sessions, both for the business day and the open day.
I would like to thank Arnoldo and Davide for their support and presence during both event days


Well done @tratru !!

Thanks for spreading the word.

That is really nice… where are my fellow Swedes?


I don’t know where your fellow Swedes citizens were, but on Friday there was a French speaker and on Saturday an Indian and a Spanish speaker, the rest were Italians even if many of them are residents in the USA or UK

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