IPFire among the best open software

I wanted to bring information that makes me happy to be part of this family and thank everyone who is committed to making IPFire better every day

among the best open source projects in 11th place is ipfire!
Before us there are projects like Libre Office Nextcloud
After us we find much more renowned and high-sounding programs such as VLC, Thunderbird, Filezilla, etc.
Thanks to all of you


Today I found another article on Heise.de about IPFire on a Raspberry Pi, in German and behind a paywall. So I wasn’t able to write a full review here. :wink:
Wie Sie mit dem Raspi das Heimnetzwerk sicherer machen | heise online

I believe that everyone who is present here on this forum and who collaborates in any way with IPFire is well aware of the good quality and stability of the project.
For my part, I was surprised by the ranking to find it ahead of projects where the community is larger or with more funding than ours