IPFire all traffic via VPN out RED interface

I want to setup a small router that can connect to a public Wifi and tunnel its traffic to a stationary location.

I want this to be a router because I have 3-4 different devices I want to connect through the VPN tunnel and these devices do not have the ability to do VPN.

I found this page…

This indicates what I want to do, But its a bit on the old side? Anyone out there know if this has changed?

I do not think anyone knows among the people reading this thread. If you try, could you report here? Ideally, update the wiki page if necessary?

Ya, I was afraid of that. I already started setting it up, but I am still a novice to this VPN stuff.

Thanks for the reply anyways.

I can confirm the above instructions DO work. There are some small differences that actually make it easier now.

I will attempt the modify the instructions.