IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core-Update 182 and no dynDNS with ddnss.de


PFire no longer updated dynDNS. I’m use ddnss.de. The ip address is

I have checked all my Firewall / Firewall groups and hosts, but no entries found with this IP

then i have set:

Firewall / Firewall Options / … for red Interface(Spamhouse DROP) is out
Firewall / Intrusion Protection is deactivated
Firewall / IP Address Blocklists is deactivated
Network / URL Filter not active

but, also all my clients do not reach the website
a ping to the address is also not possible

Thanks for help

Hi @schorsch89 , welcome to our community.

I can ping the address and I can reach the website. But it isn’t possible to register. Therefore I’m not able to reproduce the issue.
Are there any messages in /var/log/messages (or Logs > System Logs, section Dynamic DNS from the WUI) about the update trial?

Maybe the service is restricted at the moment.

Maybe. The registration and login has been deactivated since 23 Mar 2023 which seems a very long time.

Thank you for your answer.

in the system protocol for Dynamic DNS there are the following entries:

26.01.24 - the last working update

from 27.01. to 28.01.24 no entries

from 29.01.24 until today there is the following registration every 5 minutes

Dynamic DNS update for xxxxx. ddnss. de (DDNSS) failed:
06:10:19 ddns[3525]: DDNSNetworkUnreachableError: Network unreachable

Thank you for your answer.

The service of ddnss. de is not restricted.
I checked this with the cell phone bypassing the IPFire Wall.
A selection in my account at ddnss.de was possible.

What is surprising, all clients cannot access the website ddnss. de.

Short note: dynDNS with ddnss I already use IPFire for many years.

I just noticed, that I use ddnss also. :wink:
It works. Even with ddns update-all --force.

Are you sure, that all ‘blockers’ are deactivated. Only to be certain.

… at the console, certain path necessary?

If clients cannot access a website, it can only be a “blocker”. I’m looking at my rules again. It can take a while.

Thank you so far to both of you.

This is saying that IPFire could not reach the network for the involved url.

What do you get if you try
dig xxxxx.ddnss.de

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a time overflow during connection setup


as mentioned above, I disabled all “blockers”. This has not changed the situation.

Then I reset the IPFire configuration to the original state.
So as she always ran perfectly before putting out the DynDNS function.

Then I started the router cold and then the IPFire hardware.
A DynDNS update was then carried out by IPFire immediately.
All clients also reach ddnss. de easily.

In my opinion, the restart of Router/IPFire is not the solution.

Rather, it is necessary to clarify

why IPFire suddenly after many months was unable to perform a DynDNS update and

why clients could not connect to ddnss. de.

I’ll keep watching the situation in the next few days.

Thank you for your support.

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Provider has changed the IP address several times. IPFire has done a DynDNS update properly.

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They had an invalid certificate as the renewal seems to have missed the deadline. It was valid until 5.2.2024 (don‘t know the time). The domain has a valid certificate again so it should work now.


Hello dal8moc,

Thank you for this note.

The trigger was apparently blocking > Worldwide Anycast Instance < in the location filter. I had set up this at the beginning of the year.

Apparently, this unblocked filter is important for Letsencrypt.

At the beginning of February I took this back without knowing that this was the cause.

Thank you for the reference to these relationships.

IPFire has always worked correctly.

I set this thread to solved.