IPFire 2.27 core 166 startup bug

Running IPFire 2.27 core 166 on PC connected to router and cable modem works ok.
But if the cable modem and router are powered off, and the IPFire PC is cold booted,
IPFire says all is ok. It starts the dhcpd on the red0 interface ok and does not
complain about the network not responding. The ntpd does not complain either.
All [ OK ] lines are green and no problems are detected.

Hi Gary,

Do you hear the beep when red0 has no connection?

I am not an expert but I had similar issues a year ago,
could you take screenshot or post a log ?

I do not recall hearing a beep.
screen shot feature not provided in IPFire root console.
which log file ?

from System Log and RED:
it will show entries like
removing interface, releasing lease, waiting for carrier, adding route…


while I am not using IPFire with DHCP configured on the RED interface, I cannot recall any recent Core Updates to have changed the behaviour here.

Actually, the current one kind of makes sense to me: If IPFire would wait until a network connection is available on RED, the boot procedure would stall forever if there is none. The current behaviour at least ensures IPFire eventually is up and reachable from other interfaces, permitting access to the web interface or SSH service to troubleshoot things.

Does the RED DHCP connection gets set up fine if the modem is eventually connected? Or is this not detected automatically in your setup?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

I normally power on the cable modem, router, and then the IPFire PC without problems.
Only if I forget to power on the cable modem and router first do I see the issue.
Right now, I can not reproduce the problem.

Just for interest.
Why do you use an extra router between cable modem and IPFire? This usually establishes a further NAT level, which isn’t necessary but introduces potential problems.