IPFire 2.25 Core Update 156 - themes removed

Why was the ipfire-rounded theme removed?

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Hi Stephan,

indeed, as well as the other themes !

More annoying: The theme choice function has also been removed, now prohibiting the activation of another / custom theme.

“All alternative themes for the web user interface have been dropped”


why? Don’t know.

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Yes, it’s a great shame that they remove that. We will have to stay with that old and ugly interface without the possibility of adapting a custom one. :frowning_face: No offense (constructive criticism).

I see the Live Graphs as a success, now it only remains to adapt the GUI Console to these times.

From their conf call minutes the devs refer to removing old themes due to complexity. See Development section of the wiki.

I suspect that every time a change is done to a WUI page it has to be checked out against all the themes to make sure there is no problem and that with the small team of developers that is working on IPFire they feel the need to work on the core aspects of IPFire.

I am sure if someone has the desire and capability to join them and work on updating the WUI for IPFire2.x or for IPFire3 they would be happy to welcome the extra resource and support.

Until that happens then this choice seems to me to be a reasonable one.


Hi Adolf.

Seen like this it may be reasonable, but another option and a very good one less radical, eliminating the Themes, leaving the Themes selector, leaving only the IPFire official Theme so that others can put theirs.

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Hmm why should anyone have the need to switch themes on a Firewall Configration interface =8-) ? …


Which theme is now active?
ipfire-legacy or ipfire?

IPfire, it is fine.

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I didn’t follow the discussion in dev list very close, but I remember there was some effort to implement the new features into the standard theme.
Taking as base this implementation everybody is invited to rewrite the other themes.

BTW, what is bad with the standard theme? I used the ipfire-rounded before, but more out of reasons of ‘taste’.

To give a little bit of background: We do not see the point in duplicating lots of work.

The web UI does not really have support for theming and testing everything with every theme is a shit job. We would like to focus on other things more because we have a massive backlog of things that are more urgent than making things look pretty.

I am not against a pretty web UI, but it isn’t the priority.

Contributions to clean up the existing code and fixing various UI issues are welcome. If we have a good foundation we can bring back the themes.


Yes, need to look like scenes from CSI cyber, lol. But agree, I have learned to accept the outdated interface because it works so why should I care? At first it annoyed me, but now I’m not bothered. If it’s a choice between themes or new features, the choice is easy for me :slight_smile:


Outdated? why should anything be outdated just because something does not change every update (MS) rather stay the same once get use to it myself regardless. Of course I am a menu guy, hate ribbons top of apps LoL


WHY THE HELL did they remove the Themes in Core 156???
Is this true??? :-1: :-1: :-1:
HOW can i revert back to Core 155?

You are free to adapt the other themes.

Yeah themes first, security (i do not mean the themes, i mean security at all) plays no matter…?

Sorry, your posting looks for me deeply wrong.


For a firewall appliance, themes are generally irrelevant.

Pictures in the wiki are easier to use and understand when the interface is the same.

If it all IPFire needs themes, a “light” and a “dark” theme would be the way to go.


WHY THE HELL did they remove the Themes in Core 156???
Is this true??? :-1: :-1: :-1:
HOW can i revert back to Core 155?

You don’t read patch notes? I’m a fiend for patch notes.


The original Theme is to bright. There is indeed a need of a dark Theme.

I’d rather say it is too red :grinning:

On a more serious note, FreeNAS/TrueNAS (‘iX Dark’ theme) is very pleasant to look at/work in.