IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 156 released - Blog Post


Another update is available for testing: IPFire 2.25

You should urgently call it what it is. It’s a release not a testing.


Hello, just updated from 155 to 156.

It didn’t ask me to reboot.

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance

Hi @thebraz,

same here, no reboot needed for 156 stable update.

(but I restart anyway to check the loading - following a power failure for eg.)


Thanks a lot for the help :smiley:

Best Wishes

same here, but no command prompt on console. Only message two times for that.
I had to reboot manually.
dbus[1715] unknown group “netdev” in messasge bus configuration file
RTNETLINK answer: No such file or directory
libvirt guests is configuered not to start any guests at boottime, but he does, VM is configuered to boot at boottime
all port rules are not working any more.
zB.:Transmission port closed. ipv4.Tracker not reachable any more
ssh not working as in WUI configuerd. wether password nor key
now clean install again?
after clean install, sshfs did not work any more
now I go back to 154 cause 155 was the same with WUI(ssh) and reality. Checkbox ssh enabled, but not long. Every time I wanted to connect, I had to deselect checkbox and save, and select and save.