IPFire 164 Dev Build - Empty entries in FW log


First of all, sorry if this may be posted in the wrong place.

Since the IPFire 164 Dev Build update, I can see quite some empty “Chain column” entries in the FW log.

Most of them are outgoing connections from green0
Here a few examples of the target IPs in those empty entries:


Here an example of an incoming connection with an empty entry:

(Incoming IP:

My firewall options are the following:

At first I was thinking that the empty entries are a result of the new “hostile network” feature (Nice feature - Many thanks for that!). However I can find “DROP_HOSTILE” entries on incoming ppp0 connections; so logging is working in general - I guess.

I also do not have other Firewall rules:


Where do these empty “Chain column” entries come from?
Why are they blocked? (or are they blocked?)

Feel free to move this question/feedback to the right section in the forum.

Thanks for checking & Cheers!

Nice job documenting the issue! Can you add a bug report?

Feel free to reference this post with the URL.

Information to add a bug report in IPFire Bugzilla:

A lot of Core Developers read in this community somehow irregular (although there are some very busy readers like Peter Mueller). This has nothing to do with ignorance just with a lake of time. We cannot monitor a handful of platforms for important information and so important information like the one which you posted here gets somehow lost.

Therefore please post this information in a bug report, that it gets recognized. (lovingly borrowed from Jonatan)


Thanks @jon

Submitted to Bugzilla as #12778.