IP fire with proxy server, no Internet


I have Internet on Green, this is my current setup:
Red/Router: 192.168.1.* (static)
Blue/WiFi: 192.168.11.*
Green/ProxyServer/Users: 192.168.10.*

Green is a PC with two NIC’s, one to IP Fire and one to a switch where users are connected, the reason for this is because it runs CCProxy. Like mentioned I have Internet on Green, the PC itself but not on the switch where the users are connected to, what could likely be the cause?

I actually have two more people small questions that I can’t seem to figure out, even after Googling for a while.

I don’t have Internet on my WiFi in blue, I can’t connect to it. There are no rules set yet in IP Fire. Is there anything specific I need to do first?

Also I seem to be having access to IP Fire Web ui from green but using the red IP address, is this normal?

Thank you anyone for you help.

To start, I suggest that you show a graphical representation of your network along with the IP addresses, subnet masks.


Have you already read the documentation at https://wiki.ipfire.org ?




From what I learned (as a new user), I’m quite sure that you have to troubleshoot CCProxy since you are able to connect to the internet via green0.

Concerning access from blue0 - have look at this link: wiki.ipfire.org - Blue Access

By default you log into the WUI from the green0 interface

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Hi, thanks for the info. It seems that devices connecting to WiFi will only get Internet access if I add/allow them in Blue Access, is there any way to avoid the dhcp leace on blue and allow it to accept all devices?

Just allow your whole blue net


see Disable MAC Address filtering on this wiki page.